Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Trulli Update for April 06

When we last visited in March [Update on Hovel in the Hills] Daniele said the second house would be ready by Easter. So we immediately rescheduled our holiday to June and planned a weekend instead. How prophetic we were.

The doors are on but inside is still the same shell. On the other hand the groundworks are looking good: we have a perimeter wall round the whole property, a drive and several sets of steps to transition between levels. The new cistern is dug and roofed and due to be lined and filled with water this week. Also the pizza oven restoration is well under way.

We have our first paying guests next week, a nominal sum only in return for being guinea pigs in a building site. As a result the weekend was spent sweeping out the rooms, wiping a fine layer of grey-green mould off all the furniture and sorting the contents of the storage boxes. Plus a trip to the local hyper-market for garden furniture and self-assembly wardrobes. Not the most relaxing weekend and we are not best pleased with Daniele's idea of "cleaned".

pizza oven before restoration
Pizza oven before restoration
Looking worse than it started!
pizza oven after restoration
Pizza oven after restoration
Well almost done.
front of trulli april 2006
Front of trulli april 2006
Drive cleared of rubble. Doors on the Lamia.
back of trulli april 2006
Back of trulli april 2006
Drive, steps up to the terrace and general back view.


Rosa said...

Oh how lovely. I'm going to have to start coming along on these trips if you don't start taking pictures of the innards! What a transformation! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The house looks trulli wonderful (cringe!)

Where is my promised mention in this all inclusive blog? (or was that promise glass of wine too far!)

Also, as promised, here is my site.

Any feedback, or indeed just a single hit, would be much appreciated.

Cheers again!


Anonymous said...

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Mark McLellan said...


True! I didn't give you the mention I promised. Mea Culpa :-( Give me a URL that works and I will rectify the situation.


Anonymous said...