Sunday, April 30, 2006

Four beds in four nights (2)

Like the last "Four beds in four nights" it is a busy few days. Friday was work at home at Avon cottage and doing decorating on the Saturday. Then back up to London for a meal out Saturday night. This evening it is off to Oxford for May morning celebrations at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon off to Zurich for three days business trip.

Yesterday Asher finished off the gardening work Nikki began two weeks ago (see "Bodges, we don't need no stinking bodges"

Shed (now green), flower bed (now planted up)

Old rose beds (now turfed over) by Asher (pushing wheelbarrow)


Ballpoint Wren said...

These are great pictures, Mark. The garden is lovely!

Mark McLellan said...

Indeed. Wait till you see it in a couple of months time when all those new plants are in bloom.