Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hole in the Head

Blackadder to Percy: "You are as much use to me as a hole in the head, an affliction with which you must be familiar, never having had a brain" *

Now is it just me? I can never get the earphones that come with mobile phones, walkmans and mp3 players to stay in my ears, they just fall out. How do other people manage?

My ears don't seem at all unusual or malformed but they are not perfectly circular like the earpieces. Perhaps all the people who work for these companies have perfectly circular ear-holes.

Do other people have more curly ear-flappy bits that hold them in? Or perhaps they have all done a bit of home surgery with a Black and Decker and a 12mm drill bit? The only ones that work for me are the in-ear type with rubber grommets on the end.

* Blackadder Insults. Another favorite from the same page: "We live in an age where illness and deformity are commonplace and yet, Ploppy, you are without a doubt the most repulsive individual I have ever met. I would shake your hand but I fear it would come off."

That page I found via See Here archive for 01-Nov-2005. See Here appears to have too much time on his hand.

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Ballpoint Wren said...

Hubby's iPod earphones fall out of his ears all the time. He hates them!

But you and he will probably be saved from iPod deafness because of the quirky shape of your ears. Thanks to natural selection, in the future the only hearing people will be those with ears shaped like yours and Hubby's.