Friday, February 24, 2012

Recipe for Clootie Dumpling

Clootie dumpling unwrapped
Clootie dumpling unwrapped

A Doric alternative to May's Dumpling Recipe

punna self-raisin' floour
punna currants an' a haunfa o' raisins
quanera punna suet
haufa punna granulatit sugar
fower wee teaspoonsfa o' mixed spice
a big pincha saut
some mulk
  • Rummle up the hale jing-bang in the boul, addin' a wee tate mulk so's ye get a dough that's stiff an' no' runny.
  • Tim some bilin' watter oot the kettle inty the fit o' the basin an' spread the cloath (or cloot) oan tap o' the watter.
  • Cowp the hale o' yur dough oot the boul an' oan tae the cloot in the basin.
  • Draw the coarnurs o' the cloot the gither an' tie wi' the string.
  • Don't tie the string too tight or the dumplin' might burst efter swellin up an' ye'll be in a helluva mess.
  • Noo ye've a big bag o' dough aboot the size o' a fitba'.
  • Nixt ye pit a plate in the fit o' the big poat. Then gently ye lower the dumplin' oan tae the plate.
  • Efter that poor as much bilin' watter inty the poat as will cover yur dumplin'.
  • Efter a' this cairry-oan ye'll mibbe waant a cuppa tea an' a fag. or even a wee lie-doon.
  • Anyway, whitivvur ye dae, dinny let the dumplin' simmer fur mair than three-an'-a-hauf oors.
  • Efter that time wheech it oot the poat an' oan tae a plate.
  • Peel aff the cloot an' therr ye huv a dish fit tae set afore a dizzen Egon Thingmys.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cleaning the Wandle February 2012

This month the Wandle community cleanup was in South Wimbledon only half a mile from where I used to live in Garfield Road and where I first made my acquaintance with this river back in 1980.

Setting up base camp
Setting up base camp

The day always starts with donning waders, gloves and the safety briefing at base camp. Risks include drowning, 'sharps' and Weil's disease contractible from contaminated water. I also always wear safety glasses after a couple of A&E visits following some extreme gardening incidents. They protect against water splashes and pokey shrubbery.

Mattress 1/2
Hauling a mattress up the pilings

Unusually no shopping trolleys this session but masses of carpets and a couple of mattresses. Hauling a water-sodden mattress up the pilings required some team heaving and grunting.

Another unusual feature was the large number of half coconut shells; South Wimbledon is not known for its tropical climate so why so many coconuts? The answer, it would appear, is the nearby Hindu Sree Ganapathy Temple in Effra Road offering sacred coconuts to the nearest river.

Lunch - soup
Soup to defrost the fingers

Lunch is provided at one o'clock: home-made soup to warm the fingers followed by cake and a cuppa. Then back into the river.

Working upstream
Working our way upstream

If you want a reason to support container deposit legislation you need look no further than the number of soft drink cans and lager tins on the bed of the River Wandle.

Rubbish collection point 1/2
Rubbish collection point

A fair haul for four hours work from 41 volunteers.

Full set of pictures on Flickr:

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I done a LOLCAT

Invizibul food

Serviss here iz terribul