Monday, December 26, 2016

Liane Carroll's Cold Turkey! at Ronnie Scotts

Soho, London. 26-December-2016.

A Boxing day treat to relax after the not-so-excesses of Christmas.Mary and I spent Christmas apart, she with her Mum, me with mine. They are both getting on and getting frailer. Best to spend quality time with them while we can.

This was our belated Christmas meal. Mary flew down from Glasgow and straight to Ronnie Scotts to see Liane Carroll.

No photos because I obey Ronnie's "no photography" request so here is one from Liane's Facebook page.

I remember we enjoyed the show but the memory all gets a bit fuzzy now.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Lucy Zirins supporting Aynsley Lister at the Half Moon

Putney, London. Thursday 01-December-2016

We went to see Lucy Zirins at the Half Moon Putney supporting some other bloke. A bit of a last minute decision and our plan had been to eat in the pub beforehand. What we had failed to take into account was the Christmas rush - every table was reserved apart from a couple of round standing tables. As one of those came free we dived in just to have somewhere to park our beer. Chatting to the outgoing occupants, it turns out they were going to the gig as well and were eating beforehand in a restaurant just down the road. So we follow their example, finished our drinks, walked down to Hudsons and discovered a delightful little bistro and a tasty meal.

Then it was back to the Halfmoon just in time for Lucy's set - half a dozen numbers including a cover of "Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor" which I know well from listening to Missisippi John Hurt although Lucy's version had much more, and different, lyrics than MJH's pared down version.

I am not sure what it says about the state of live music but the audience demographic was very skewed. Lots of middle-aged, or older, single blokes. Maybe they weren't all single and it was just that their partners weren't interested in standing up in a pub for a couple of hours drinking beer. But they are helping keep music live, so I'm not knocking them, just observing. By the time Aynsley came on the later arrivals had swung the audience mix to a more balanced crowd including younger people and couples.

Lucy was as charming as before and sung beautifully. Didn't need to buy any CD's as we'd bought them all when we saw her at the Green Note.

Aynsley Lister rocked out a very guitar-led set. We had not heard of him before but here are lots of rave reviews out there. Always great to discover a new artiste. Most impressed with his talent we bought a copy of his latest album, Eyes Wide Open. Looking forward to listening to that later.