Sunday, October 26, 2008

Long time no blog

This is going to be to have to be a bit of a Portmanteau blog as it has been *shock, horror* over two weeks since I last put finger to keyboard...

Changing jobs: After four years and many contract extensions (I must have been doing something right) I finally left the client for whom I have been working since August '04. Odd feeling as it is the longest I have ever worked on any project, ever. Fortunately (in this current climate) I have picked up a new contract with one of the recipients of my former client's offerings - a veritable case of poacher turned gamekeeper.

My double crown fell off: A quick trip to Raj to have it temp-bonded back on revealed that the bone of the jaw underneath had healed so well that it had pushed up against the crown from below and eased it off the implants. So he got the technician to grind some porcelain off the underside of the bridge and popped it back on. It shows the wisdom of Raj using temporary cement - a deliberately designed point of failure to prevent stresses building up where they shouldn't.

Weekend in Scotland: Visiting the MIL as per usual. An opportunity to see Mary's sister and family as well as spend time with her Mum. This weekend Mary decided to kitchen cupboards needed a good clear out. Yellowing plastic containers out of the Ark and tins with a 'best before' date in the last century.

A week at home between contracts: Though not idle - I wish. General tidying and foutering and a visit to my Mum and Dad on Wednesday. Oh yes, and I painted the breakfast room and kitchen in my spare time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

London to Paris - Update

The final results are in. We have collected the last few dribbles of sponsorship money and just trickled over our target of GBP 1300 *each* set by The Stroke Association. I made 1,345 and Mary raised 1,445; a grand total of 2,790 pounds. Thank you to all our generous sponsors - family, friends and colleagues.

London to Paris team
London to Paris - The Team

Bhavesh sent us certificates and the team photo taken right at York House, the start of the ride. The total is standing at 57,000 so if everybody sends in their last remaining contributions it looks like we will hit the 60k mark. Yippee - well done us!

London to Paris certificate
London to Paris - My Certificate

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

We're not worthy, we're not worthy

I have known Catherine Bott since we were 5. We went to the same primary school. Now she is so famous she rates top slot in The Times birthday item above Brian de Palma and an ex-Governor of the Bank of England:

September 10, 2008
Birthdays: Catherine Bott

The soprano Catherine Bott says she is busy improving her organisational skills in what she describes as a portfolio career in singing and broadcasting. She presents The Early Music Show on Radio 3 and is preparing a duet recital programme, "almost a cabaret", with James Bowman. She is spending her birthday in Andalucia with her partner Stephen "enjoying a long lunch at our favourite local restaurant". Catherine Bott is 56 today. RGT

Other birthdays

Paul Cole, racehorse trainer, 67; Brian De Palma, film director, 68; Sir Bernard Feilden, architectural conservationist, 89; Lord George, Governor, Bank of England, 1993-2003, 70; Roger Uttley, international rugby player, 59.

She is even in Wikipedia:

Next time we meet I am going to have to have a Wayne's World moment.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another dinner party in Italy

This time indoors.

We have had a number of DP's in Italy but they have been outdoor BBQ's of a more casual nature. Because of the weather this trip just gone, we planned an interior repast. We had our friends Andrea and Geraldine & Alasdair staying with us; Chris & John had their friends John & Linda staying with them.

Our table could really only take eight so a quick trip to Conforama yielded a half round glass topped table of just the right dimensions to squeeze Mary and I on the end. It worked so well we went back and bought a second one for the other end ready for our next big social event.

dinner party 2
Clockwise: Alasdair, Geraldine, Andrea, Chris, John, Linda, John

You can tell how well a dinner is going by the noise level. Out in the kitchen the decibels from the Italian-style multiple simultaneous conversations was deafening :-) We went on till one in the morning and quite a few bottles of wine were drunk including a couple of magnums of the block-buster Primitivo from Colavecchia.

dinner party 1
Left to Right: John, Mary, Linda, me, Alasdair, Geraldine, Chris

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Birthday Weekend in Stratford-upon-Avon

For my birthday we went to Stratford-upon-Avon to see an excellent production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Courtyard theatre.

On the Saturday we hired bikes and went out for a 40 mile cycle in glorious sunshine with stops for lunch at The Howard Arms (with a couple of pints of Hook Norton) and afternoon tea in a converted railway carriage.

I was amused by the pub's menu which warned "Fish may contain bones. Puddings contain calories".