Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another dinner party in Italy

This time indoors.

We have had a number of DP's in Italy but they have been outdoor BBQ's of a more casual nature. Because of the weather this trip just gone, we planned an interior repast. We had our friends Andrea and Geraldine & Alasdair staying with us; Chris & John had their friends John & Linda staying with them.

Our table could really only take eight so a quick trip to Conforama yielded a half round glass topped table of just the right dimensions to squeeze Mary and I on the end. It worked so well we went back and bought a second one for the other end ready for our next big social event.

dinner party 2
Clockwise: Alasdair, Geraldine, Andrea, Chris, John, Linda, John

You can tell how well a dinner is going by the noise level. Out in the kitchen the decibels from the Italian-style multiple simultaneous conversations was deafening :-) We went on till one in the morning and quite a few bottles of wine were drunk including a couple of magnums of the block-buster Primitivo from Colavecchia.

dinner party 1
Left to Right: John, Mary, Linda, me, Alasdair, Geraldine, Chris

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