Sunday, October 26, 2008

Long time no blog

This is going to be to have to be a bit of a Portmanteau blog as it has been *shock, horror* over two weeks since I last put finger to keyboard...

Changing jobs: After four years and many contract extensions (I must have been doing something right) I finally left the client for whom I have been working since August '04. Odd feeling as it is the longest I have ever worked on any project, ever. Fortunately (in this current climate) I have picked up a new contract with one of the recipients of my former client's offerings - a veritable case of poacher turned gamekeeper.

My double crown fell off: A quick trip to Raj to have it temp-bonded back on revealed that the bone of the jaw underneath had healed so well that it had pushed up against the crown from below and eased it off the implants. So he got the technician to grind some porcelain off the underside of the bridge and popped it back on. It shows the wisdom of Raj using temporary cement - a deliberately designed point of failure to prevent stresses building up where they shouldn't.

Weekend in Scotland: Visiting the MIL as per usual. An opportunity to see Mary's sister and family as well as spend time with her Mum. This weekend Mary decided to kitchen cupboards needed a good clear out. Yellowing plastic containers out of the Ark and tins with a 'best before' date in the last century.

A week at home between contracts: Though not idle - I wish. General tidying and foutering and a visit to my Mum and Dad on Wednesday. Oh yes, and I painted the breakfast room and kitchen in my spare time.

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Rosa said...

You have been busy indeed. Yuk on the double crown. I'm sure you had hoped you would never have to deal with that again.