Monday, October 22, 2012

Wandle Clean Up October 2012

Earlsfield, London. Sunday 14-October-2012.

I'm glad so say I've managed to make every possible Wandle Trust clean-up this year (weekends away excepting). I was bank-side helping relay the rubbish to the waiting van. My inner cave-man would like to be in the water heave-ho-ing stuff out of the mud but teamwork requires a balance of volunteers land-side as well - so I was happy with that.


We always keep an eel tally; they hide in all manner of containers so you have to check if there are any lurkers in tyres, pipes and tins. I guess it is an indicator of water quality and aquatic life generally.


Right toward the end we found a safe with its door off. Presumably the detritus of some past crime. It was quite an effort to roll it along the bank; it was far too heavy to lift and carry. Well supervised by Andy here!


So good eco-deed done for another month.

20121014-wandle, a set on Flickr.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Puglia - the rest of the holiday

In between my 60th birthday party and the wine harvest there was a lot of eating, drinking and having a good time.

Friday: We started as soon as the plane landed by going straight from the airport to Pizzeria Pizz Birr in Locorotondo, as we landed quite late, arriving at the restaurant just before 10pm.

20120922 Pizzeria "Pizz Birr" Locorontondo

They do real crisps - thin slices of potato deep fried. They are delicious and make those things in packets sold as crisps look like third rate impostors. Home for a night cap and the revelation that it was Geraldine's 60th birthday on the Sunday. We thought it was around then but she had kept the exact date quiet.

Sunday: Was my birthday party (qv) with a cake for Geraldine as well.

Monday: We hosted a barbecue for thirteen. The ice cream parlours will sell you tubs of ice cream in various sizes of insulating, polystyrene containers which makes the dessert course easy.

20120924 BBQ at Trullo Azzurro

Tuesday: We went down to the coast for our mandatory visit to La Rotonda da Rosa for sunbathing and a seafood lunch.

20120925 Beach / La Rotonda da Rosa

Wednesday: Geraldine and Alisdair left. That evening we went round to Kathy and Richard's for an aperitif and to show our friends the wonderful job they have done in renovating their place. Followed by supper at Il Giardino.

20120926 Kathy and Richard's place

Thursday: Andrea and Allen, and Tim and Sarah all left and we were down to two guests.

20120927 Trullo Azzurro roof terrace

Friday: The obligatory trip to the world heritage site of Alberobello.

20120928 Alberobello

That evening a crowd of us went to Il Baretto, Martina Franco, for a meal cooked by Chris's Pilates teacher who as doubles as a caterer and was showing off some new recipes. She took over the venue and friends all signed up as paying guinea pigs.

Saturday: Barbara left and a quiet evening in with Andrea.

Sunday: Grape picking (qv)

Monday: Relaxing.

Tuesday: Andrea left and we were down to just us.

Wednesday: A trip to the nearest big DIY store (Leroy-Marlin) in search of a washing line pole.

Thursday: Installed washing line pole, relaxed and went to view some properties for sale in Cisternino old town. Went for cocktail and decided to make an offer on one. That had not exactly been on the plan for this trip!

Friday: Signed a Compromesso - a legal contact - and arranged for the deposit to be transferred to our Italian bank account. I will blog later when the deal is sealed, with the full back story.

Saturday: Home to start some serious Flickr and blogging.

20121006-puglia-60th-other, a set on Flickr.

20120924 BBQ at Trullo Azzurro20120922 Pizzeria "Pizz Birr" Locorontondo20120922 Pizzeria "Pizz Birr" Locorontondo20120922 Pizzeria "Pizz Birr" Locorontondo20120922 Pizzeria "Pizz Birr" Locorontondo20120922 Back at Trullo Azzurro
20120922 Back at Trullo Azzurro20120924 BBQ at Trullo Azzurro20120924 BBQ at Trullo Azzurro20120924 BBQ at Trullo Azzurro20120924 BBQ at Trullo Azzurro20120924 BBQ at Trullo Azzurro
20120924 BBQ at Trullo Azzurro20120925 Beach / La Rotonda da Rosa20120925 Beach / La Rotonda da Rosa20120925 Beach / La Rotonda da Rosa20120925 Beach / La Rotonda da Rosa20120925 Beach / La Rotonda da Rosa
20120926 Wild crocus20120926 Kathy and Richard's place20120926 Il Giardino, Cisternino20120927 Cafe in Trito, Puglia20120927 Cafe in Trito, Puglia20120927 Trullo Azzurro roof terrace