Saturday, September 13, 2008

Madonna - Sweet and Sticky Tour

After the various cock-ups administrative errors of the Kylie concert (late boat, missed pre-drinks, tickets for different dates!) the corporate entertainment company arranged a compensation event: Madonna at Wembley.

Madonna Wembley Ticket
Now between you and me I wasn't exactly suffering Post traumatic stress disorder so I thought this was a gesture above and beyond the call of duty - but who am I to cavil.

The Chinese meal beforehand at Alisan was fine. Madge came on about 45m late at 9:00 and bashed out a fair number of greatest hits. Great to tick another cultural icon off the list but I have to say I think the visuals at Kylie's concerts, to supplement the dot on the stage, added greatly to the enjoyment of the spectacle.

Some of my colleagues had cameras so I will post a selection of photos later if I can.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

London to Paris - We Made It!

Worst: Puncture in the English rain

The first day and a half was horrible - wet and strong headwinds. Then it cleared up Friday afternoon and we were cycling through little country lanes in the sunshine thinking "this is why we love cycling". It stayed like that to the end. It was great fun and we had no serious after effects from the cycling although on day three I did have to resort to two pairs of lycra shorts - neither the saddle nor my bum had much padding!

Best: Rolling French roads in the sunshine
Day 1: London / Portsmouth72.6m6:16h11.6av
Day 2: Caen / Bernay60.3m4:38h13.0av
Day 3: Bernay / Paris 102.4m7:29h13.6av
Total: London / Paris235.3m18.23h12.8av
Team 1: the fastest

Mark and Mary at L'Arc de Triomphe


In total 40 people did the ride and the collective effort is expected to raise about £60K for The Stroke Association. Every extra donation helps.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Charity Dinner in aid of The Stroke Association

New local restaurant Perché has kindly agreed to host a special charity dinner for us on Thursday 18th September 2008. It is a win-win-win situation - people get a chance to try lots of their lovely food at a special price, we raise some money for the Stroke Association and Giovanni from Perché gets free advertising. Tonight we posted around 450 flyers into the houses all around the area - avoiding those with the "no junk mail" notices. Those poor people will miss out!

flyer for Charity Dinner in aid of The Stroke Association

Charity Dinner in aid of The Stroke Association.

Thursday 18 September 2008 at 8 pm.

Local Wandsworth couple Mark and Mary are cycling London to Paris in aid of The Stroke Association. Support their efforts and enjoy a chance to try some of Perché's fantastic dishes with a specially designed tasting menu.

Antipasti, trio of pasta, choice of lamb or sea bass (please specify when booking), dessert, coffee. £35 per person* including a £5 donation to The Stoke Association.
* does not include drinks or service.

Perché Restaurante Italiano, 3 Dolphin House, Smugglers Way, Wandsworth, SW18 1DE. Reservations required Tel: 020 8704 0888.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

London to Paris - Training 10

Last weekend was the last cycling according to the training plan. A short ride on Saturday and another on Sunday. The latter was in Richmond Park and as we entered the park the heavens opened, thunder, lightning and flash floods. After one circuit we were completely sodden so we said "s*d this for a game of soldiers" and went home.

My lightweight rain jacket was about as much use as a chocolate teapot which prompted me to go out and buy a top-of-the-range GoreTex jacket yesterday. Looking at the forecast for tomorrow we added waterproof overshoes to the shopping list :-(

Tonight was a pasta supper with tw other entrants, Lynn, and Dave who are staying with us tonight. Now it is off to bed.

Well that's it for the training - tomorrow it's the real thing.