Wednesday, September 10, 2008

London to Paris - We Made It!

Worst: Puncture in the English rain

The first day and a half was horrible - wet and strong headwinds. Then it cleared up Friday afternoon and we were cycling through little country lanes in the sunshine thinking "this is why we love cycling". It stayed like that to the end. It was great fun and we had no serious after effects from the cycling although on day three I did have to resort to two pairs of lycra shorts - neither the saddle nor my bum had much padding!

Best: Rolling French roads in the sunshine
Day 1: London / Portsmouth72.6m6:16h11.6av
Day 2: Caen / Bernay60.3m4:38h13.0av
Day 3: Bernay / Paris 102.4m7:29h13.6av
Total: London / Paris235.3m18.23h12.8av
Team 1: the fastest

Mark and Mary at L'Arc de Triomphe


In total 40 people did the ride and the collective effort is expected to raise about £60K for The Stroke Association. Every extra donation helps.

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Rosa said...

Three cheers for you and Mary (and all!). So, you had to resort to lycra eh. Is there any turning back now?