Saturday, September 13, 2008

Madonna - Sweet and Sticky Tour

After the various cock-ups administrative errors of the Kylie concert (late boat, missed pre-drinks, tickets for different dates!) the corporate entertainment company arranged a compensation event: Madonna at Wembley.

Madonna Wembley Ticket
Now between you and me I wasn't exactly suffering Post traumatic stress disorder so I thought this was a gesture above and beyond the call of duty - but who am I to cavil.

The Chinese meal beforehand at Alisan was fine. Madge came on about 45m late at 9:00 and bashed out a fair number of greatest hits. Great to tick another cultural icon off the list but I have to say I think the visuals at Kylie's concerts, to supplement the dot on the stage, added greatly to the enjoyment of the spectacle.

Some of my colleagues had cameras so I will post a selection of photos later if I can.

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Rosa said...

Sounds like a bonus. I think Madonna should start wearing some clothes, I don't care how good the old body is holding up. I saw her during the provocative Blond Ambition tour. I enjoyed it but think even I blushed a little! Go figure. Eeeek.