Monday, October 15, 2012

60th birthday meal - Puglian meal

Trito, Puglia, Italy. Sunday 23-September-12.

This is the excellent menu that Mino put together for my 60th birthday party at Truddhi.

01 deep fried sweet olives, cheese and tomato, and burattina
01 Cheese with fried sweet olive

02 skewer of octopus, new potatoes and slighly smoked pancetta with a pan fried king prawn, drizzled with a citronette sauce
02 Squid wrapped in parma ham

03 cream of fava beans and cavatelli with seafood and zucchini sauce
03 Pasta on fave and potato puree

04 stuffed aubergine
04 Stuffed aubergine

05 tenderloin of pork on a roast potato medallion finished with a salad of tossed red onion and yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, grapes, extra virgin olive oil and vin cotto
05 Pork

06 fresh fruit
06 fresh fruit

07 cake
07 birthday cake

20120923-puglia-60th-meal, a set on Flickr.

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