Friday, October 12, 2012

Thames Path 04 - Hampton Court to Staines

Sunday 16-September-12.

Surprisingly not hung over from the previous day's barbecue and the Marc Bolan celebration concert, we leapt out of bed for a bacon butty breakfast with Bob and Lynn who stayed over. Packed and off to the train to Hampton Court. We joined the others picking up the same train from Clapham Junction.

Bob, Mark (me), Lynn, Pete, Andrea, John, some passing old bat, Allan (out of shot), Mary (taking photo).

By now we have left urban long behind and the walk is all countryside. At the halfway mark we crossed the river using the passenger ferry which you have to summon from the other side by ringing the bell.



Shortly after that it was time for the obligatory pub lunch.


Mary found a very useful description of this leg (and the rest) at which is just as well as I forgot both the map and the book.

Keeping up our usual pace of three and a bit miles per hour we did four hours walking which made for a very pleasant Sunday stroll. Up next a shorter leg to Windsor - only 8 miles - unless we go gung-ho for a serious yomp to Bourne End - 19 miles in total. Watch this space...


20120916-thames-path-04, a set on Flickr.

Distance this leg 20.7 km
Previous legs 74.7 km
Total so far 105.4 km

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