Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Puglia - White Grape Harvest 2012

Trito, Puglia, Italy. Sunday 30-September-12

The weekend following my Italian 60th birthday party was white grape harvest weekend at Truddhi. As with any harvest in a rural community family and friends muck in. A number of Carole's relative's and friends came over from Wales and made a holiday of it - as they do for the olive harvest.


After harvesting Mino's grapes we went round to pick his friend Tonino's grapes and pressed both batches.


Then it was back to Truddhi for a meal put together by Carole and Zia.


After the meal Mino got us playing a silly game of "Fox and Hen"; much fun and laughter.

What I love is that we are welcomed into the community, we lend our friends a hand and are rewarded with good food and good company - what more could one ask for?

Full set of pictures 20120930-puglia-60th-grape-harvest, a set on Flickr:


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Rosa said...

Why don't I see you chasing mary down? So fun!