Monday, October 15, 2012

60th birthday meal - Puglian party

Trito, Puglia, Italy. Sunday 23-September-12.

I am pleased to say the party at Truddhi went better than I could have hoped for. It was fab, brill, super. I had a wonderful time and so, if I may make so bold, did all my guests. I always say the secret of a good do is to get lots of sociable people, put them together and let them get on with it.

The most common feedback I got was, "What a nice person X is. I had a really good chat with them". It seems like all my friends like all my other friends but then as one kindly said "I suppose we get the friends we deserve" which I took as a great compliment.

The other comment was "How lucky you are with the weather" - it was a wonderfully sunny Sunday.


The food was excellent and has its own blog post Many thanks to Mino and his team for putting together a superb feast.


After the meal it was time for cutting the cake. We actually had two cakes because it turned out that it was also Geraldine's 60th birthday that very day. She'd kept that quiet but had let slip the night before so we had a second cake.


After the cake and another glass of prosecco it was time for dancing Italian style. The first woman, with a broom, chooses a man who chooses a second lady who chooses a second man who chooses the third woman. They dance round in a circle then each man picks a lady and the odd woman out has to dance with the broom - awww. Then she starts the next round and off we go again. Simple fun.


It was dark by the time we finished and Mino kindly gave us a lift home - I might have staggered a bit if I'd had to walk. Hic!

Loads more photos at 20120923-puglia-60th-party, a set on Flickr.


Time to start planning the 70th!

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