Saturday, October 13, 2012

60th birthday meal - siblings and partners

Putney, London. Thursday 20-September-12

When it came to my actual birthday there was really only one choice - a meal with my siblings and their partners at our favourite Italian (Puglian) restaurant, Enoteca Turi.

60th birthday meal - siblings and partners by markmclellan
Sarah (SIL), Mark (me), Jane (sis), Ian (bro), Mary (SWMBO), Pete (BIL)

I took the day off work and popped down to Farnham to visit Mum and Dad for lunch. Then back up to London to change into a suit (or gussy up as I believe the Americanism is) and off to Putney.

60th birthday meal - the birthday boy

Mary had popped over to Enoteca Turi earlier in the week to choose the wines - the Conterno Barolo 1996 was the red selection. I have not even dared to enquire its price, possibly more than the rest of the meal put together.

60th birthday meal - barolo 1996

Fantastic food as always, loads of chat (I am very lucky in my choice of siblings :-) and home on the 270 bus. A most excellent way to celebrate my 60th birthday.

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