Monday, August 08, 2016

Alexander McKay, Lucy Zirins, Will Shackleton Band at The Green Note

Camden, London. Wednesday 08-August-2016.

Once again The Green Note provides quality music at a bargain basement price. Seriously, £8 for three excellent acts. The venue is so small you are literally only feet away from the performers. The stage is tiny; it is amazing how much kit they cram onto a postage stamp sized stage. Being so close make the whole experience of live music very special.

I am not one for detailed reviews but there is an excellent, in-depth review by Plunger Music: An evening to leave you grinning like an idiot (via Lucy Zirins) so I shall quote liberally from that.

First up was Alexander McKay who did a fine set of his own compositions.

Plunger: "Alexander McKay’s solo acoustic set combined Young-style harp-and-finger-picking in Moving On with Close To The Edge’s hazy, trippy vibe and dark Southern-shoegaze-meets-R&B-ballad in Another Man..."

The second act was the charming Lucy Zirins who seemed somewhat in awe of the size of the audience - little does she know this is a small audience. She is from Burnley, Lancashire with an accent to match and yet when she sings you are suddenly transported to Tennessee.

Plunger: "Lucy Zirins is always entrancing: from her clear limpid vocal on the loping Laurel Canyon folk of What’s In Front Of Me to the impassioned but defiant country blues waltz of Tearing Me Down while the airy americana of Falling To Pieces displayed an ethereal tremulous-yet-strong vocal and The Fall conjured a laid-back Ronstadt vibe."

And here is a live recording of my favourite track from this very show:

The third set in the excellent trilogy of acts was the Will Shackleton Band.

Plunger: "... a set mixing sophisticated West Coast Jackson Browneisms with relaxed country and even a Steely Dan-meets-Dr.-Hook wry look at Anglo-Italian romance..."

Definitely an evening to leave you grinning.

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