Friday, February 24, 2012

Recipe for Clootie Dumpling

Clootie dumpling unwrapped
Clootie dumpling unwrapped

A Doric alternative to May's Dumpling Recipe

punna self-raisin' floour
punna currants an' a haunfa o' raisins
quanera punna suet
haufa punna granulatit sugar
fower wee teaspoonsfa o' mixed spice
a big pincha saut
some mulk
  • Rummle up the hale jing-bang in the boul, addin' a wee tate mulk so's ye get a dough that's stiff an' no' runny.
  • Tim some bilin' watter oot the kettle inty the fit o' the basin an' spread the cloath (or cloot) oan tap o' the watter.
  • Cowp the hale o' yur dough oot the boul an' oan tae the cloot in the basin.
  • Draw the coarnurs o' the cloot the gither an' tie wi' the string.
  • Don't tie the string too tight or the dumplin' might burst efter swellin up an' ye'll be in a helluva mess.
  • Noo ye've a big bag o' dough aboot the size o' a fitba'.
  • Nixt ye pit a plate in the fit o' the big poat. Then gently ye lower the dumplin' oan tae the plate.
  • Efter that poor as much bilin' watter inty the poat as will cover yur dumplin'.
  • Efter a' this cairry-oan ye'll mibbe waant a cuppa tea an' a fag. or even a wee lie-doon.
  • Anyway, whitivvur ye dae, dinny let the dumplin' simmer fur mair than three-an'-a-hauf oors.
  • Efter that time wheech it oot the poat an' oan tae a plate.
  • Peel aff the cloot an' therr ye huv a dish fit tae set afore a dizzen Egon Thingmys.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it should be "Dinny" rather than "Don't"

Mark McLellan said...

I agree. Initially uploaded exactly as I was given it. Have changed it.