Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Lost Weekend

Saturday night Lynne asked how come I hadn't blogged the previous weekend so here are the entries I would have written had not last week at work been so busy:

Friday, 31 March 2006: Movin' Out

Went to see "Movin' Out" at the Appollo Victoria with Mary's friend Andrea. The reviews I have read since reinforced my impression. If you had gone expecting a Billy Joel musical (with dancing) you might have been disappointed. If you went expecting a Twyla Tharpe ballet (with music) you would be in for an enjoyable evening.

The key to the production is, in my view, the song "We didn't start the fire" each stanza of which reflects a different decade (50's through 80's). That chronological backbone is the core around which Twyla weaves her characters' story though it reads better as a story of America than the characters' lives.

Saturday, 01 April 2006: Plummers Bistro

Saturday it was back down to the cottage for a bit more loft clearance followed by an evening with Bob&Lynne. We went to test out the new bistro in Ringwood High Street - Plummers (formerly Daisy Darling's Tea Rooms). Consensus view was not bad at all. The proprietor was working Front Of House and had a bit of a chat to us. Given the quality of the food and his attitude they deserve to do well (and might make The Old Cottage Restaurant look to its laurels).

Sunday, 02 April 2006: A day of rest

Well mostly. Back to London for a bit of DIY and micro gardening then the evening to relax.

Diary duty done!

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