Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Harbinger of Spring

No, not Erigenia bulbosa but many others. One of the joys of a new garden is that you never know what is lurking under the soil and the first twelve months bring a series of surprises.

The first was last month when a whole host of snowdrops appeared in the lawn.

Next up the daffodils but they put on a pretty pathetic show, two in one corner and a lone daff in the other. Mary felt so sorry for them that last weekend she planted a few more to keep them company.

Then the tree in the front garden turned into a magnificent Tulip Magnolia with big pink flowers.

But yesterday Mary saw definitive proof that winter is over: a bloke on a scooter with a clipboard doing "The Knowledge". The Cabbie-in-training does not like the cold, wet weather so spring really is here.

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