Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Male Grooming Products

Friday's trip to Italy followed the usual routine: get "air-side" asap, have a late lunch of champagne and smoked salmon, then I guard the bags at the coffee shop whilst Mary does a tour of the emporia.

This time she returned with a Clinique Skin Care Starter Kit for men, four handy little travel-sized tubes in a zip-up bag. This to prevent me from acquiring the complexion of a wrinkled old saddle-bag like my father though I attribute that more to his life-long smoking habit than any dereliction of his skin-care regimen.

The contents: face scrub, liquid face wash, hydrating lotion and the curiously named "scruffing lotion". As if we boys weren't scruffy enough someone has gone to the trouble of developing a potion that will make us even scruffier! As Americans say "Go figure".

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Rosa said...

Hey Mark. Thanks for your tip on printing my posts! That should help a lot! Thank you. My son (all of 16) bought some Clinique "maximum hydrator" for men when we were in NYC and it was cold and dry. He's been using it ever since. Go figure. hehe. (Another phrase to add "It's all good." As "Oh, I'm sorry I ran you over on your bike." You reply: "It's all good." --meaning no problem, it's ok.)