Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chinese Fire Drill

Yesterday John and I took a stroll down to Gerrard Street in London's China Town to meet Andrea and their two children for lunch. As John and I approached Cambridge Circus I remarked that it was at that very set of red traffic lights I had seen two lads jump out, run round and round the car, then jump back in (at random) when the lights turned green.

"That", said John, "is what Americans call a 'Chinese Fire Drill'. You should ask Andrea". So, over the set lunch I did. Andrea revealed that not only was it a well known American custom but that she herself had indulged. Unfortunately she did not check first and, as she got round the back of the car, spotted the patrol car immediately behind: oops! Fined for improper pedestrian use of the highway - well I guess she was on foot at the time.

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Don't worry Andrea, your secret is safe with me <grin>

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...the folly of youth! My ears redden at the rememberance. It wasn't my only foolish automobile infraction...I have a few others which would redden YOUR ears!