Friday, April 28, 2006

Cherish Plate Spotting

Cycling over Chelsea Bridge yesterday I spotted a van with the registration mark "NO 5". As I drew level I saw it was a Chanel company van. Unless it was fully laden the plate was probably worth more than the van.

This morning driving along the M27 I spotted "KOI 7777" which belonged to a supplier of tropical fish to the trade.

Checking out the DVLA Sale of Marks site I discover that "7 MSM" sold for GBP 10,600 in September 2003 and "M4 RKS" sold for GBP 11,800 in April 1999. All of which make GBP 499 for "MM52 MSM" seem like good value (see "Vanity thy name is MSM52").

Mind you a little more rummaging revealed that "1 A" sold for GBP 160,000 in December 1989 so that be worth a few bob now. But who, I want to know, has that kind of money to spend on a car number plate?

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Rosa said...

I have the hardest time at figuring those out most times. I think I'm kinda dumb in that dept. hehe. I'll read it and re-read it and then finally just give up. When I was in LA many years ago, I drove by Burt Reynolds' house (when he was dating Sally Field). The two cars' plates in the driveway read "FROG" and "BANDIT." This was when his Smokey and the Bandit movies were big. I did figure those two out--wink.