Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Working on the cottage

The weekend was another two days of rushing about like maniacs. Up on Saturday morning to cut the lawn and get through a couple of wash loads. Hang them on the line and then off to Avon Cottage to inspect the progress on the works.

In early 2004 we had all the windows refurbished *and* we had a leak in the thatch which forced us to have the cottage re-thatched (see "Thatch before 1/4" and following). Both of which left plasterwork in need of repair.

We are going to have to sell the cottage. We don't want to but the cost of supporting two mortgages doesn't make sense. So we need to get it in a fit state to sell. Thus we need to get all that internal work done.

Plus the previous owners had been liberal in the use of cement and modern plastic based paints. Not good for an old timber-framed building. While we were about it we decided to do the right thing by the building.

exposed brickwork in timber framework bulding

So as well as internal repairs, we are having the walls stripped of the modern cr*p, repointed with lime putty and limewashed with traditional materials. We regard ourselves as custodians not owners and want to leave it in a better state than we found it.

After a quick inspection it was tidy up indoors and take rubbish to the tip, getting the place ready for vistors next week end so they don't arrive to find a building site. Then off to the Salisbury Festival with Bob&Lynn for a picnic in the cathedral grounds, a jazz concert and fireworks. Sunday morning was a quick (4 hour) blitz round the garden targetting the biggest weeds, then off to London for an afternoon of furniture rearranging. By eight o'clock we were distinctly zombie like through sheer exhaustion.


paris parfait said...

Such a stunning thatched cottage! My husband and I were thinking of buying one when he retires, but we're concerned about not enough light or room to house all my collectibles! But I think I'd reconsider if it looked like yours. How can you bear to sell? On the other hand, you do have that fabulous place in Italy. Sigh. Some people are just lucky. :)

Mark McLellan said...

Hard to bear indeed but unless the lottery ticket comes up...

We had not planned to sell for another four years. The idea was to sell, downshift to Italy, buy a small base in the UK and work part time alternating between the two countries. To cut a long rambling tale brutally short we investigated the housing market in our chosen location and the *perfect* property came on the market so we had to buy it. So the whole timetable has been put on fast foward. See 06/08/13 September 2005 for more.

Rosa said...

Mark: I feel for you having to sell the cottage. But, as Tara says, you still have Italy--and LONDON! You are a good man to put it in "right shape" before selling. Hopefully, the next "custodians" will appreicate all you have done and will love it as much as you and past inhabitants. (My, you have been awefully busy. Sure hope you get to Italy soon before you explode!)