Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Avon Cottage on the market

So the deed is done. Saturday we whizzed down to the cottage for the day. Mary did weeding and internal tidying, Asher helped by clearing the weed patch round the quince and plum trees and I did jungle containment in the raspberry canes.

Then Bob Hill from Wessex Archeology came to inspect the works and draw up a snagging list. In the afternoon we had three estate agents (US:realtors) round to give an approximate valuation.

Yesterday we appointed one to act as our agent and got Bob&Lynn to drop the spare keys round to them. So I guess soon the cottage will be up on http://www.primelocation.com/ and http://www.rightmove.co.uk/ though it might take them a couple of days.

It is going to be strange giving up the cottage. I have always said that the cottage, the cats and Mary were the most important things in my life with work a very poor fourth. I hope we find a buyer who is sympathetic to the needs of a 650 year old home.


paris parfait said...

I can understand why you're sad to let it go - such a beautiful place! But you'll always have the fond memories (not much consolation at the moment, I would imagine).

Rosa said...

Oh, if we were only at retirement age. I would LOVe to snag it. . . if we could afford it. I'm sorry, I know how tough it is giving up a home. But again, you have Italy. smile.