Friday, June 16, 2006

T-Shirt humour

A guy at the Salisbury Festival on Saturday was wearing a T-shirt bearing the legend:

"There is a place for all God's creatures...
...right next to the potatoes and gravy!

This put me in mind of the many excellent T-shirts I saw when we were at the NO JazzFest, including:

"Vampire Support Group"
"Masquerading as an Adult"
"The Five Food Groups of Rock'n'Roll
• Alcohol
• Nicotine
• Caffeine
• Sugar
• Grease


Anonymous said...


If you have any photos of great T shirts (or can take any) we are starting a T shirt museum. You spotted some funny ones there, so if you can help, cheers

the t shirt museum team

Tony Heywood said...

My favorite is "make bono history"

SEO Salisbury