Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm up on the eleventh floor

And I'm watching the cruisers below *

Well actually the first floor (US: second floor) but you get my drift.

Had a short notice get together with siblings and nephew Mike in Old Compton Street last night to see Jane&Pete's new pad in darkest Soho. As I crossed Dean Street I passed a couple going the other way. I heard the girl say something to her companion in a dark brown voice and had a Crocodile Dundee moment, "Strewth, that Sheila's a fella!".

The flat is one room with K&B but that's all they need for a crash-pad in the heart of the city. I will be able to meet Jane for lunch when she is up in town as it is only five minutes walk from work. Jane is very excited about this as her first job, *mumble* years ago, was just around the corner so this is a chance to revisit the haunts of her youth.

* Queen Bitch by David Bowie

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