Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006: Italian bugs

The insect life round here is impressive. The slaters* on steroids are, if anything, even larger than on our last visit. Like Hollywood hopefuls looking for a part in some Jurassic Park follow-up. The beetles and bugs are larger than life too and there are huge swarms of butterflies of all colours. The lizards come in two sizes: small brown ones (illustrated) that we have nicknamed "Larry" and the foot long (30cm) bright green ones which are very camera-shy. Even the Turkish Gecko put in a brief re-appearance.

We also have small inch long (2cm) scorpions. I did accidentally transfer one into the car on the bottom of a bag and before I could shoo it out it had scuttled, irretrievably, between the cushions of the back seat. H-m-m, maybe I just won't mention that till we get back home.

The bag contained laundry from out last few trips here. We *had* hoped to put it through the washing machine that Daniele had assured us would be installed by the time we arrived. Looking at the hole where it should be we decided to drop a couple of bags off at the local cleaners for a service wash.

*Scottish for Wood louse (US: Roly-poly bug).

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