Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Thursday, July 06, 2006: Garden creation

Today was a day for retreating to the beach while the ground works continue. Out at 10, back at 4 to find great progress. Having removed the larger or reusable stones the team brought in a garden variety rock muncher. Unlike the industrial version (See "Rock Muncher") that does whole fields in a day, this more modest version converted the garden rubble and stone debris into dust and gravel ready for a covering of topsoil.

As far as we can tell this topsoil is coming from another project down the lane where they excavated for a huge double cisterna and underground garage; at least half a dozen lorry-loads so far. Spread about by the JCB, the garden is starting to look like a garden not some rock-strewn desert.

Our September visit will include visits to the local garden centre to stock up on hardy, drought resistant, low (nil) maintenance plants. Driving about we have been making a mental note of road side plants that seem to thrive naturally without human intervention of much water. We will certainly be replacing the black fig lost in the making of the drive, planting rosemary, lavender and a lemon tree (for the Gin and Tonic). There will also be a herb patch but beyond that we are still in the early planning stage.

In the evening we went over to Christine and John's for supper and met a crowd of their friends: Paulo, Simone and Patricia, Anne, her son Toby, and Reno, a neighbour. Plus got thoroughly slobbered by their bouncy Labradors, Kahn and Shah. Another post-midnight end to the day.


Rosa said...

I think you are planning to retire ealier than thought. Already have the lemon tree going in, eh?

Mark McLellan said...

Forward planning :-) I presume it takes a couple of years, like many fruit trees, before they start producing a useful crop.