Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday, July 04, 2006: Thunderstorms and pasta

During the night we had a tremendous thunderstorm right over our heads. Not so much rain but deafening thunder of the jolt-you-awake, have-we-been-struck variety. We hadn't but it was enough to trip the main fuse so no water until we switched the pump back on. At which point we discovered the boiler was leaking and had to switch the pump back off again until the plumber could sort it out.

On a previous visit we had agreed to install an extra safety fuse to protect the electricity meter, which is out in the lane, from the effects of lightning strikes. This means when we are plunged into darkness we only have to reset the trip-switch in the house rather than venture out into the elements to reset the main ENEL fuse.

We are surrounded by fields and olive groves of the kind that feature in travel guides describing the Italian countryside. These books focus on the obvious features of any foreign land: the architecture, art and history, the food, culture and language. Howvever they tend to miss out on the little everyday things that also characterise a country like how Italian men drive with one arm dangling out the window. Or how every supermarket, large or small, has a complete aisle dedicated to dried pasta in all its myriad forms.

If you wander round a kitchen showroom or inspect an unoccupied house for sale there is always a packet of pasta on the worktop as 'window dressing'. It is clearly iconic emotional shorthand for home / food / family.

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Rosa said...

This place will be the best on the block. What do you mean you don't have to brave the elements to turn the power back on? Geesh. You'll be living the life!