Monday, July 10, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006: We missed the plane

Well the relaxing holiday didn't quite get off to the laid back start we had intended. The taxi ride to Gatwick used up contingency we didn't have and we missed the plane.

Gary, the supervisor, did his best to get us on board but the luggage handling agents were adamant. Gary offered to put us on the next Bari flight but that wasn't till Thursday! So instead he revalidated our tickets for the 14:00 to Rome. We checked our backs and retired to the business class lounge for a lunch of BA sandwiches and white burgundy.

We used the time to book ourselves an onward flight, Rome to Bari, on Alitalia. That meant four hours to kill in Rome airport and we finally arrives at the Hovel-in-the-Hills™ at 11:30pm - seven hours behind schedule but at least we got there the same day.

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Rosa said...

Boo hiss on bagage handlers. Yes, I'm sure you were well exhausted when you finally arrived; but like you said, you did get there the same day you expected to.