Monday, July 24, 2006

DIY in Bonnie Scotland

The weekend was spent in Bonnie Scotland visiting Mary's Mum. Sometimes Mary goes on her own, sometime I go with her. This time I went too and did some "Man of the House" stuff. The main task was repairing two window sills which had gone completely rotten. I am glad to say it all seemed to go quite smoothly, despite having to improvise the appropriate moulding by glueing and pinning together two simpler mouldings. By the time we left on Sunday afternoon all May had to do was apply a second coat of paint later in the week.

While we were there I also did "going up ladder to change security light bulb" and "fix cistern in bathroom". Mary did "assemble box for storing garden cushions" and "slap creosote all over garden shed". The latter she did with such enthusiasm that her beige shorts will never be the same again; they now look more like camouflage wear suitable for desert use.

Mary's sister very kindly added me to her car insurance so we didn't have to rent from Avis but it was noted that she only added me and not her own sister. Perhaps she feared Mary would go hooning in her shiny new Honda Civic. Being mobile did mean we were able to get lots of good things done including a couple of visits to the crematorium: on Saturday for May to put down some fresh flowers and on Sunday for Mary to install a vase with a small bush rose.

Saturday evening we did baby-sitting duties, assisted by May, so George&Sandra could go out. Fair exchange for use of the Honda. The two children were good as gold. Ross was out with his mates until it was time to drag him home (by mobile phone). Sarah spent some time with her friends but I had to entertain her part of the time by playing mini-golf, holding her upside down and doing headstands. Fortunately she had forgotten that I was the man who juggles small, furry animals or I would have been presented with the contents of the toy-box to send skywards.

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Rosa said...

Gee, Mark, I knew you were handy. . . but . . .
Haha on the sisterly love--but not enough to drive my car story. Sounds like quite a busy weekend. If you ever do go back to DC, I will hook you up with my brother (the food snob) who knows exactly where to go.