Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hampton Court to Hove 2006

As well as catching up on the saga of the holiday, this week Mary and I have been in training for today's 60 mile (96km) bike ride ( As well as cycling to work and back four days this week we went for training rides on Tuesday and Thursday evening of 22 and 25 miles respectively. Very pleasant along the Thames path as far as Ham and back through Richmond Park.

Today we were up at 6am to drive over to Hampton for registration and set off by 7:30. We were joined by Kate&Ian who put us on to this ride in the first place (see Ian's previous mention in "Always wear a helmet")

Ian shot off and left the three of us to make our way to Hove in our own time - which turned out to be 7hr 20 min which I was happy with considering the hills, the blazing sunshine and the frequent rest stops. Ian, having thighs of steel, did it in under 3½ hours.

Ian, Kate, Mary and Mark on Hove sea front.


Anonymous said...

Mark, Sorry about the photo, too much information! Kate will scream with embarassment!

Mark McLellan said...


Photo cropped to conceal what the Lycra did not. Kate has no need to scream.