Monday, May 22, 2006

Michael McLellan limited edition prints

My father is a talented artist and it is not just me who thinks so. His work has been hung at a number of galleries and exhitions, most recently at the Art by Architects "Vision 05 Exhibition" (see also blog entry "Art by Architects"). At the end of last year he was asked to put togther a one-man show at Wolfson College, Oxford this autumn.

At this point Mary and I decided to enter the fine art publishing business. Over Christmas we were at Collier and Dobson in Fordingbridge to buy a pair of Tabitha Salmon prints. We chatted to them about what would be involved in doing prints of my Dad's paintings.

To cut a long story short, I went down to the printers on Saturday with Mum and Dad for a signing and numbering of the first 20 prints of two of Dad's paintings. Fine art prints limited edition of 95 worldwide; Anthony Dobson has done a magnificent job on the prints, the faithfulness and quality of the reproduction is astounding.

The topic of the wording on the Certificate of Authenticity came up. Contact details will be me and Mary as "publishers" but what to put for the web address? We checked it out and michaelmclellan .com and were both available. So now, at the ripe old age of 81, my Dad is a dot-com!

If you want to see the paintings please visit "".


Ballpoint Wren said...

That's so cool about your dad starting this new venture at 81!

His paintings make me think of other worlds.

Rosa said...

Finally, I can see his work! Wonderful. How exciting for you all!

Mark McLellan said...

Bonnie / Rosa

A number of Dad's paintings have have an alien landscape feel to them like these two. He was (still is) a science fiction fan but hard to tell how much that influences his work. He also does wondeful watercolours and sketches that are far more figurative; we have used several as christmas cards. The white house was used one year by the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) as one of their christmas cards and it was their best seller. I have a couple of other scans that I can put up so you can see more of his works.


Rosa said...

Mark! By all means, do! I would love to see more! Get to it! (please)

paris parfait said...

Yet another example that talent often improves with age. I love the two paintings on your dad's website. Where can we see more? I am going to Oxford later this month and my stepdaughter lives there, so it's possible I'll get to see the exhibition. Hope so!