Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In training for the charity bike ride

Mary decided that what we needed for a relaxing Sunday afternoon was not a pub lunch with a couple of pints of Youngs Best followed by a siesta but a 20 mile bike ride. This to get in training for next Sunday's Thames Bridges Bike Ride. So off we set...

A short-cut through the centre of the Wandsworth one-way system took us to King George's Park and the River Wandle. The river-side path took us as far as Wimbledon with me singing "Remember you're a Wandle (sic)" with apologies to Mike Batt and anyone within earshot.

Up the hill to Wimbledon Common, down to Robin Hood Gate and into Richmond Park for an almost complete circumnavigation exiting at Roehampton Gate. Cutting through Barnes Common and some urban backroads brought us to the Thames embankment and thence home to Wandsworth.

According to Mary's new bicycle odometer a trip of 20.5 miles. As much of it was through green and pleasant foliage that made for a most enjoyable way to exercise. After which our legs deserved a sit-down and a nice meal at Marco Polo on the River.


Rosa said...

Wow. That's quite a trek!! Good for you!!
Hey Mark, a question for ya. Do you have any suggestions on a nice hotel in London? The hub, the kid and I are coming in next week and are having a bit of a time finding a (nice) place under $300 (usd) a night! Love the Covent Garden area. I've reserved The Howard (Template Place) because that's where we stayed last. But, it is pricey! Any suggestions? No worries if you don't!

Rosa said...

Thanks Mark. Have inquiries into both suggestions.

Rosa said...

Did you get my email?