Monday, May 15, 2006

Got the t-shirt

Yesterday we completed the Thames Bridges Bike Ride 2006 in 3 hours 12 minutes and raised GBP 1,260 for the Stroke Association. Thank you to all our sponsors for their generosity.

Not only did we cycle the 32 miles but we also cycled from Waterloo station to the start, from the finish line to the pub, from the pub back to Hampton Court station and from Earlsfield station back home. Phew!

It was a good day for it weather wise: not raining, not too hot. We were booked for a 9:30 start as the organisers offered staggered start slots. Because of the Sunday train service we were early and scanned through the start gate by 8:30 making our target of The Bell Inn by 1 o'clock easy-peasy.

We normally cycle at around 13 to 15 mph but were hoping for an average 10 allowing for pit stops and clambering over bridges where the bike has to be carried. At one point Mary reached 29.7 mph on a long downhill but had to brake for a gate or she would have been in danger of breaking the speed limit!

The ride itself was uneventful and not too crowded as we were in the with the early riders. The highlights for me were the free Mars bar at the third pit stop and the fish and chips at the pub afterwards. I cannot remember how long it is since I ate either of these "delicacies". Oh, yes and a pint and a half of Old Peculier.

Our sponsors pledged a total of GBP 630 which we matched as promised. Now all we have to do is wait for next year's date to be announced.

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Anonymous said...

The highlight for Mark may have been the free Mars Bar - mine was the yummy fireman who carried my bike up the stairs at Barnes Bridge station. Thanks to the London Fire Service.