Saturday, May 20, 2006

Meeting with Rosa

aka Blog Meeting 4. After Wednesday's fiasco ("Blog Meeting 3") this was the opposite end of the spectrum. I met up with fellow blogger Rosa of "Living as Rosa" along with "hub" and "the kid" as "hub" was in London on a business trip and the others tagged along.

We met at Joe Allen's at 7 o'clock as arranged and spent a most pleasant evening. I fear I was at my most garrulous and they scarely got a word in edgewise. I was commending the bus as the best form of public transport and pointed them at TFL (Transport For London) and their excellent journey planner.

On the way home doing the short walk over Waterloo Bridge I thought that I must get them to do the same and see one of my favourite vistas (See "London so good they named it once").

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Rosa said...

Mark, our last trip there, we stayed at The Howard right by your vista. It is beautiful, indeed, overlooking The Thames with the London Eye and all the lovely buildings in front of you. The kid did sneak in some photos from the cab on our way to meet with you that turned out rather nicely. I am still trying to catch up with all my "doings" in London on my blog. What a wonderful trip! Thanks again for meeting up with us!