Wednesday, May 31, 2006

An almost free lunch

Mary and I have made so many bookings through toptable: London Restaurants that we had enough frequent eater points for a free three course evening meal. Excellent. So we booked ourselves into Quaglino's for a Friday night meal.

As we had a bit of time to kill I went straight from work to meet Mary in St James Park where Mary was on a four day NLP course held in Regent's College. We took time to wander around the park and be amazed at the amount of aquatic bird life. As well as the "usual suspects" (Mallard, Coot, Moorhen and Tufted Duck) there were loads of others.

The Canada Geese were particularly pushy and came marching forward beaks agape in expectatation of crusts of bread. Apparently they are a major problem in London parks because of their voracious eating habits and the resultant pollution from the output of their digestive systems.

The birds there are so used to human presence we were able to get within three feet of a Heron who looked not the least perturbed by our proximity. There were also half a dozen more exotic water fowl we could not identify from our small bird book. Orange headed ducks, ducks with rust coloured bodies and various LBJ's.

We then walked down Baker Street passing the blue plaque at 221B (Sherlock Holmes residence) to where we could get a cab down to Quaglino's where we had a very enjoyable three course set menu.

Now the food may have been free but the deal is you pay for the extras. The water, side vegetables, half bottle of Roederer, bottle of white wine, glass of red with Mary's cheese, glass of dessert wine with my pud and 12.5% service charge came to GBP 113 (USD 213). So not *exactly* what you would call free!

Apologies for the gap in postings but we have been in Italy for two days. An update on the Hovel-in-the-Hills™ to follow.

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