Friday, May 12, 2006

In training for the charity bike ride (2)

Not content with cycling to work, doing a full day's work and cycling home again Mary decided we needed to squeeze in another training session. So Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock we set off on a 10 mile round trip along the south side of the Thames.

We started off down Smugglers Way, over the Wandle, past the Ferrari workshop and down onto the promenade. Thence through Wandsworth Park, a Grade II listed historic park, and past the "des res" in Deodar Road (*average* price in the last 12 months: GBP 936,000). The Embankment took us past Putney and thence onto the Thameside Path.

This was packed with cyclists, joggers, amblers and dog walkers enjoying a warm evenings perambulation along the banks of the Thames. This tree-lined path takes a very pleasant route past the boathouses, the London Wetland Centre, more playing fields and a nature reserve until we reached Barnes Bridge.

That being five miles we did a U-turn and retraced our route, tight-lipped lest we inhale too many midges. Home for 8 o'clock and rest.

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