Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's not a sun roof

The cab that picked me up from Heathrow on Thursday night was equipped with what you might mistakenly think was a sun roof but you'd be wrong. At night this aperture in the car roof magically transmogrifies into something more magical it becomes, in fact, a "star roof".

The lucky passenger receives the light of not a single sun but millions upon millions of them. So open up that balmy evening star roof and gaze upon the majesty of the heavens safe in the knowledge that you may not get much of a tan but there is at least no danger of getting star-burnt ;-)

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Rosa said...

My second car had a "moon roof." I don't think it opened all the way, but you could indeed see the moon through it if positioned just right. That's some word, transmogrify! Sounds like something gross is about to happen.