Wednesday, June 03, 2009

XXL Weekend in Puglia (in Tweets)

Not so much a long weekend or even an extra long weekend but an XXL weekend. From Thursday to Tuesday because those are the days BA fly (plus Saturday but then it wouldn't have been much of a weekend):

# LGW disciplined passengers waited to be called by seat row number. Page & Moy special - older generation respect rules! Now in sunshine. 3:22 PM May 28th

# Day dawns sunny in Puglia. Nice people at Avis (Bari) gave us a Nissan Micra convertable. Top down to Locorotondo market for viands. 10:58 AM May 29th

# Puglia all local produce: sunshine + salad nicoise + strawberries & cream + half bottle of red wine = siesta. z z z! 4:31 PM May 29th

# Electricity off at meter in lane when we arrived. Curious. Discovered why yesterday. Controller for irrigation system stolen. B*****d. 8:13 AM May 30th

Shelling Puglian peas with the aid of crisps and a gin & tonic
Shelling Puglian peas with the aid of crisps and a gin & tonic

# shelling peas in the sunshine with the aid of a packet of crisps and a large gin and tonic. 7:03 PM May 30th

sunday lunch in puglia
Sunday lunch round at our neighbours John and Chris

# last full day in Puglia. Grey skies - boo! Impromptu lunch round at Carol & Mino's. Quiet evening in at Trullo Azzurro tonight. 5:33 PM Jun 1st

PS. Carol and Mino's gardener came round to quote for garden maintenance and replacing the controller. He said "I have a spare in the back of the car". With a length of cable the replacement is now safe inside the locked pizza oven so our plants will survive the summer and be pretty for our guests and us :-)


andrea daquino said...

hey mark,
even my parents are loving these, i hope you don't mind my passing them on! thanks!!


Rosa said...

It didn't resemble the missing one, did it? tehe. It all looks oh so lovely.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same as Rosa.

Mark McLellan said...

Andrea: please do, more than happy. That is the nature of blogs, they are public property.

Rosa, Lusks: funny you should mention that but just for a second... but we were relieved to see that it was a different make and model.

Mary took a load more photos around the place as several of our guests have asked for more so watch this space.