Monday, June 15, 2009

Downsizing the MIL (4)

Actually there was very little downsizing to do; it was mainly attacking the garden in May's new place. That did necessitate a trip to the tip with bags of clippings and a few bits and pieces from the old garage which had escaped earlier culls. Of course when May's house does find a buyer then there will be some more shifting to be done!

Apart from the usual shopping trips, the main task for me was laying six paving slabs for the garden storage box to sit on. Mary worked on all the tubs and pots putting in new flowers and rearranging some of the existing plants. Having done that we were able to relax and enjoy the brilliant weather. Proof that the sun can shine in Scotland:

al fresco dining in irvine
Al fresco dining in Irvine

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Rosa said...

Cheers to your accomplishments and to a beautiful day in Scotland!