Sunday, June 28, 2009

Neil Young at Hard Rock Calling

Hyde Park, London Saturday 27 June 2009

The joys of the English weather - not! The site suggested "A hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, rain wear, woolly jumper / fleece" which just about covers all eventualities. claimed wall to wall sunshine, high 20's and 0% chance of rain. So what happened - the sky went black and the heavens opened:

Mary in cheap rain poncho

We liked Seasick Steve who was on stage as we arrived. Wandered around, drank beer and a jug of Pimms, ate some curry and settled in for the headline act.

Neil did a mixture of stuff I knew (because we have those albums) and stuff that we didn't but everybody else did (because they must have those albums). Two hours of what the crowd wanted including those that stuck in my mind: Heart of Gold, Old Man, Unknown Legend ("She rides a Harley-Davidson"), Needle and the Damage Done.

A surprise guest as he closed the show with The Beatles "Day in the Life" was none other than 'Macca' who joined him on vocals.

I was amused by a number of T-shirts in the crowd:

* I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left.
* There are only three speeds. Fast. Very fast. And Oh shit!!
* I'm not a complete idiot! Parts of me are missing.

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