Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Maureen is over from Australia...

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...along with husband, Pete, and one of their daughters, Katherine. This was another typical busy, busy weekend.

Friday evening I was home alone while Mary went out with her girlfriends from her days working at United Bank of Kuwait. So I treated myself to a VIP seat at the local Cineworld and watched "Terminator: Salvation".

Saturday morning we went shopping then over to visit our friend Barbara. She had been due to come out to Italy with us the weekend before but underwent a hamstring operation instead. As a result she is due a period of convalescence and rehabilitation. We went to take some shopping and keep her from going stir crazy for a while.

After lunch it was down to Farnham for afternoon tea and chat with my Mum and Dad. Then back for a short kip and a quiet evening in.

Sunday it was down to Dorking for a gathering occasioned by the visit of an old friend, Maureen, who moved to Australia many years ago and comes back every few years to visit. We all gathered at Andrea and Alan's down in Dorking for lunch and had a good old natter with an excellent lunch provided by A & A.

Mary, Maureen
Mary and Maureen

For a full set of photos see http://www.flickr.com/photos/8179454@N02/sets/72157619313496635/detail/

We had planned to cycle down but the forecast was rain, rain, rain. As it turned out we could have done the 20 mile ride in glorious sunshine - boo to the weathermen.

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