Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Downsizing the MIL (3)

The bank holiday weekend was spent in Scotland clearing out May's garage and beautifying her new abode with hanging baskets and bedding plants in pots.

We flew out of city airport for a change. We thought we would give it a try as it is quicker to get to than Heathrow. Very successful - we will use it again.

We landed in glorious sunshine which caused much consternation amongst our fellow passengers. They were not used to this big yellow sphere in the sky!

We cleared a load of stuff out of the garage and shed to the tip and did several garden centre trips. Also I did a bit of loft boarding as May's new place lacks any storage. That gave her somewhere to put items like empty boxes and suitcases.

We flew back Sunday so we could have the Monday at home "relaxing". Mary went into work and I did stuff around the house.

Now to work for a short week as we are off to Italy on Thursday for a six day, very long weekend. The weather has to be better there. I am a fair weather cyclist and today I am on the train as it is grey and raining.


Rosa said...

I'm sure you're both happy to have that out of the way. (YAY, I got you back on my list--somehow got deleted in one of my "changes.") Glad you had nice weather while doing that hard part. I remember when we were cleaning out mom's, it was over 100ºƒ in DC, where the humidity is always so thick, you could cut it with a knife--UGH!

Anonymous said...

You may not be surprised when I say I am looking out to rain this morning in Irvine. Yes it was a good weekend for a change for the bank holiday. Enjoy Italy, I'm sure the weather will be better.