Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NOLA '09 - Jazz and Heritage Festival

New Orleans is a fantastic city and we had a wonderful time at the Jazz Fest - or the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival to give its full title. There was some concern that it might not live up to my rose-tinted memories but in the event it matched or even exceeded them. The weather was a ruler straight 28°C and sunshine the entire time, the music was great, the food was delicious and the people were friendly.

So many times as soon as I opened my English mouth the person next to me would say "You're not from here. Where are you from?". "London, England" I would reply. "Welcome" was the invariable response often followed up by a friendly conversation.

Mardi Gras Indians at The Jazz Fest
Mardi Gras Indians at The Jazz Fest

We saw many great acts. The Jazz Fest is held at the race track. Once inside you can wander all day from stage to stage with a huge array of food (and drink) stalls for grazing on some of the best cajun and creole food. Just a fantastic time.

Crowd Scene at the Acura Stage The Jazz Fest
Crowd Scene at the Acura Stage

We bought a couple of folding picnic chairs, as did many, many others, and would carry them until a particular stage caught our eye where we would set our pitch and watch several acts, with occasional forays elsewhere - there were just so many acts to see.

The whole atmosphere is so relaxed it was a joy to be there. NOLA is my favourite American city by a long way.

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Rosa said...

It looks like it was absolutely perfect! One time, we'll have to meet there! I have a friend who goes nearly every year. And yes, NO is absolutely the best place.