Thursday, May 14, 2009

NOLA '09 - Restaurants

Re-reading these before I hit "post" makes it seem that I am focussing on the negatives so I should say that in all cases the food was fine and in some cases superb. Go to New Orleans and dine out - you will not be disappointed.

Thursday 16: Crescent city brewhouse
We have been here many times over our three trips. They brew a range of beers on the premises and do a taster menu of 4 or 5 beers. They have live music and the balcony has a view towards the river.

Friday 17: Montrel's Bistro. [Review on Trip Advisor]
Ate there late and it was basic. Plus no website, maybe I got the name wrong.

Saturday 18: Stella!
Excellent taster menu in atmospheric surroundings. Pity the bar is next to the kitchen door for the pre-dinner cocktail. And the restaurant was bloody freezing. As it was 28°C all day I did not expect to have to wear my thermal long johns to go out for a meal.

Sunday 19: Feelings cafe (fauberg maurigny)
We walked 10 blocks there and back which would be a recipe for muggings if you listen to the locals but we survived unscathed. Very interesting building. Only downside was sitting next to a table featuring a loud talking American very full of himself. So bad that as soon as we had finished our meal I moved our wine glasses to the courtyard to un-tense my shoulders.

Monday 20: Dante's kitchen
It was meant to be a street car ride up Charles Avenue but we just missed one and had to get a cab. Very enjoyable one of our better meals out. But I do not know what they would make of southern Italian eating habits. They were putting chairs on tables at 10 o'clock when our local Locorotondo restaurant would just be filling up.

Tuesday 21: Gumbo shop
Does what it says on the tin. You know what you are getting. Busy, popular, full of tourists, good New Orleans cuisine, nice old building and courtyard. I realised that I had last been there over 20 years ago; I had not been there with Mary on either of our previous visits but with a previous companion way back when.

Wednesday 22: Orleans Grapevine
We started off with a glass of wine on a pavement table and then, as we had no other plans, moved inside. Another icily air-conditioned venue; when quizzed on why the waitress hinted that it was much as for the benefit of the staff because it stopped the customers getting too hot and smelly. We both had the same dish, tuna, one rare, one medium-rare and they got it spot on for both plates - impressive.

Thursday 23: NOLA
One of New Orleans's (Louisiana's) top restaurants but I would not go back there again. Food was excellent but the room was icy cold, the other customers incredibly noisy all shouting their conversation and the waiters rushed not glided. Go for the buzz but not for a relaxed intimate, hand-holding dinner.

Friday 24: Eat
A local BYO only one block from our apartment and in the French Quarter one block only means a couple of hundred yards. Short, simple, fresh menu and much frequented by the locals. We went in to book and "No booking" so I was glad we walked 30 min from the festival rather than queue for the shuttle bus. We rushed back to the apartment, showered and back to the restaurant in double quick time then had a very pleasant meal.

Saturday 25: G W Fins
A complete contrast to NOLA. An excellent corner table (all of which were were well spaced out), a friendly maitre d', plenty of staff so they could glide in an unhurried manner. Quality food of course.

Sunday 26: K.Paul's
Class act, attentive waiter, good food but I have trouble remembering more than that which maybe says something.

Monday 27: The Alpine Bistro
A very late lunch as we were going to the Rock'n'Bowl in the evening for a Snooks Eaglin tribute concert. I think the chef was on his lunch break as well but the food was OK when it eventually arrived.

No wonder I came back from New Orleans weighing an all time personal best(?). Diet starts Monday :-(

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Rosa said...

I don't believe I have been to any of these. Did you make it to Mother's? MARK! I have so much to catch up on with you and Mary's adventures!!! So glad you enjoyed yourself. Remember Riverside next time!