Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wandsworth Chainsaw Massacre

We got off lightly in Thursday's winds. One tree down and it was one we had wanted to remove as it was three quarters dead. Ours fell sideways and landed on the garages at the bottom of the garden. I was able to wrestle it back into the garden as it was only 8 in (23 cm) diameter. Next door's was three or four times that size and took out a lamppost in the street, they were lucky it fell sideways as well.

fallen tree in mark and mary's garden

Nature has saved us the cost of a tree surgeon but it did leave us with the problem of disposal. As luck would have it we were going down to the cottage this week end to start the rubbish clear our - better to chuck it that move it - and so I brought the chainsaw up to London. Boys', big-cheesey-grin, kind of work.

fallen tree in mark and mary's garden

The logs will go to Bob&Lynn next time we go down to the cottage.

Wallace and Grommit watched from the safety of the shrubbery.

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Rosa said...

Boys and their toys! Sounds like you were very lucky!