Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

A Happy New Year to all my readers.

We had a pretty good NYE. Six of us went to Albannach on Trafalgar Square for a gala dinner with ring side view of the revellers outside. The food and wine was excellent as were the band, apart from we were sat next to them and had to ask to be moved to enable conversation to resume.

Me and Mary's mum, May

The restaurant showed the fireworks on a big screen and they looked pretty darned spectacular.

We got a taxi in OK but the return journey was a little more problematical. After booking we discovered that most of north of the river was due to be closed to traffic. No problem: get the tube to Waterloo and get the taxi to pick us up there.

Unfortunately the crowds were such that the police were restricting access to Charing Cross Station. We had a chat with the constable on the barrier and explained that we had not one but two registered disabled with us. They let us through and, as luck would have it, a Waterloo East train was due in about 5 minutes.

Then the taxi driver phoned to say that he could only get as close as Lambeth Bridge and could we get there. No chance with May's conditions! When we got to Waterloo there was only one train showing, leaving for Wandsworth Town in 10 minutes - another result!

So we got home about 2:15 am. A little later than intended but May coped incredibly well under the circumstances. Next time we will arrange something closer to home. That is if we are not in South Africa for Christmas as we hope; we are planning a trip there for this time 2007/8.

Live Long and Prosper :-)


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Lovely photo. Buon Anno!

Rosa said...

Cheers! I can see a "slight" resemblence there. I bet London is a tad crowded on New Year's Eve. Wow!

Mark McLellan said...

If I could ever catch Mary and May side by side in profile view you would see that the resemblance is more than slight. More like identical!

paris parfait said...

Great photo - a belated happy 2007!